In case anyone is interested..

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I am a freelance journalist, scriptwriter, comedy writer and author of Amazon bestseller  Sleep Is For The Weak: How To Survive When Your Baby Won't Go The Fuck To Sleep.  I write for Daily Mash, Mash Report,  The Jonathan Ross Show,  Metro UK , Good Housekeeping and the Huffington Post. My comedy writing has appeared on The Mash Report, Mock The Week, BBC Writers Room, Crooked Pieces, The Show What You Wrote and by Director's Cut Theatre. I am also the creator of popular blog stolensleep.com. I have written a sitcom Full House which reached the finals of the Funny Women Awards in 2016 and won the Craft of Comedy UK new writing competition in 2018. 

In other news... I won a pub quiz in 2004 and love corned beef.  I am a failed actor and gained a   BTEC performing arts and a BA in Drama and English during my quest for stardom.  I'm a former Redcoat and I was in a really crap girl band who wore lot of a leather. I still use CDs, love MC Hammer and I once got hit by a bus.  So that's me....

You can read about  how clever I am on Linked In.