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I LOVE talking about reading, writing, AND of course, my Knobbly Bottom!

As a comedy writer and drama teacher, I like to inject humour  into my events and  so my talks include lots of laughter, interaction and possibly a few bum jokes! I am passionate about inspiring children to write and share my top tips on creating funny stories! 

I also work with Big Bubble Theatre Company and we offer fun and engaging drama and story-telling days which are designed to inspire pupils to read and write their own stories.  It features Knobbly Bottom's very own beast hunter, Nan Helsing who helps the children design their very own wacky beast!  More info here. 

If you would like to book me for an event at your  school, library or festival visit then please click the magical button below... I am happy to do live or virtual events.     


If you would like a letter for your class from MAGGIE MCKAY aka hero of the WATERSTONES CHILDREN'S BOOK PRIZE SHORTLISTED Knobbly Bottom books AND an activity pack then press the buttons below!  Please drop me a line if you would like me to personalise the letter to your class. 

Fiona Keast, Sacred Heart CVA Primary School, Loughborough

“Our children were enthralled with Emily-Jane. She was an inspiration for them all and I have had children approach me multiple times during the week to show me their notebooks that they have started to write stories or songs, or show me their creatures from knobbly bottom that they have created. We cannot thank Emily-Jane enough for the confidence and self-belief that she has implanted in them all. "

Jim Ager, headteacher, Weldon Primary School , Northants

"It was a pleasure to have Emily-Jane and Nan Helsing in yesterday! The kids have been reading her book all through their breaktimes, especially the boys, which is lovely to see."

Nicola Morris, Sandwell Libraries

Emily Jane  delivered equally inspiring and fun sessions for two very different groups.  The first  had been selected for their hard work and commitment at school, and there were 60 of them! This didn’t phase Emily Jane and she kept them all engaged and it was wonderful to watch how they just became more and more involved with asking questions and interacting as she spoke to them.The second were an older year six group, and you could see that they were more challenging. Again, Emily Jane really picked up on how to adapt the session to keep them engaged and managed to prevent individuals from getting distracted, and being disruptive which was brilliant.

Andrea Burrows, deputy head, Lowdham Primary School

"The children absolutely loved hearing from Emily Jane and were inspired to hear her share her writing journey."

Lousie, The Bookcase, Lowdham

"Emily-Jane entertained a hall full of children with her tales of Maggie McKay's reluctant move to the countryside and the vampire sheep roaming through the fields before engaging them in drawing their own fantastic Beasts Of Knobbly Bottom. Great fun and laughter was had by all!"

Wendy, Truman Books, Leeds

Both school groups were on good form with plenty of hands up at the right time and laughing at all the bum jokes. Emily-Jane Clark’s presentation was really well balanced with information about the books, her background and interactive segments for the children to participate in.”

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